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Empower Personnel Career Academy delivers award-winning professional career services that will set you apart from the rest. UK based Professional Career CV and resume writers, career coaches, interview coaches and recruitment specialists here to help you succeed.

Professional Career Crafting Specialists for the UK Job Market

Empower Personnel Career Academy is a division of the Empower Personnel brand, which has been delivering career services and driving integrity throughout the UK job search and recruitment market for multiple years. 

We specialise in the UK job market and hiring practices, providing a range of award-winning personal branding and career services which enable you to optimise your career opportunities.

Through our Career Marketplace, we provide you with access to unrivalled career support services with the objective of helping you to secure a role in a highly competitive market. We provide you access to high quality professional CV and resume writing services, LinkedIn profile optimisation, cover letter writingvirtual interview coaching, psychometric testing and more.

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Our team of career consultants each have many years' experience in their respective fields, from Recruitment Consultants and HR Managers to Career Coaches and Professional Writers. Our team combine their international experience, working across Europe, United States, UAE and the UK, with their expertise of the latest recruitment trends to optimise your career opportunities.


Our CVs are professionally written and tailored to your experience, meeting the standards of a professional application. Your CV will meet all automated recruitment system (ATS) criteria, whilst also standing out to hiring managers for all the right reasons.

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of candidates do not have an ATS optimised CV, therefore reducing their chances of progressing through the hiring process  

more likely to receive a job offer from a professional CV

of recruiters use LinkedIn as an additional tool to source high quality candidates 

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Our career services are accessible to professionals, graduates and executives at the top of their field. Based in the UK, our extensive experience means that we can work with you to optimise your career in almost any industry.

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