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Candidate assessments and psychometric testing are an important aspect of a company's recruitment process. Psychometric testing provides an objective and measurable approach that can provide an evidence-driven determination of a candidate's suitability for a position within a company.

Providing scientific credibility, psychometric testing is aimed at removing bias from the recruitment process and providing a standardised method of assessing a candidate's abilities. Organisations seeking candidates to align with their values will often use psychometric testing as a differentiating factor, often with increased staff retention rates.


For a professional, graduate or leading executive, understanding your own strengths, behavioural traits and character puts you in a powerful position to target companies and vacancies which align with your values, whilst leading to an improved level of job satisfaction. 

Online courses available:

Personality Profile and Psychometric Testing

Competency Tests/ Questions

Data Entry

Microsoft Office


Finance & Payroll Staff

Software/ IT Tests

Human Resources

Health and Safety

Catering and Hospitality

Courses are delivered through an online portal. Once your order has been purchased, you will receive your link to complete the specified test.

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Amanda | Recruitment Manager

Psychometric testing has been embedded as part of our recruitment process for years...allowing us to evaluate candidates' personality traits and quickly identify those who fit with our company ethos and values