Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letters for all professionals in the UK job market. Support your job application and increase your interview opportunities with an engaging cover letter.

Benefits of a Professional Cover Letter

Maximise Opportunities- Support your application by directly targeting the employer and vacancy

Create an Impression- Recruiters and hiring managers will often look at your cover letter to determine the type of professional that you are

Promote- Use this as an opportunity to promote your skills and strengths as a potential employee

Check Advert Requirements- Some companies will specifically request a cover letter (if you do not supply this you will automatically be rejected)

Company Values- Demonstrate how your values align with the company's vision and values

Value-  Researching the company and considering how you can add value as a professional will demonstrate your ability to go above and beyond other candidates

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Erica | Hospitality Professional | 14+ Years Experience

The cover letter ensured that I had an opportunity to present my entire skill set to the company, focusing on aligning the criteria from the job advert to my experience.



of employers do not consider a CV alone is enough to be noticed

of hiring managers consider cover letters to be invaluable when assessing candidates