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Gain confidence and become an interview professional. Discover tips, practise with our career consultants and conquer the interview process.

Get Inspired. Build Confidence and Succeed in your Interview

As more employers are opting to conduct virtual interviews as part of their recruitment process, expectations of candidates are changing which poses a new challenge in an already competitive job market. 

Virtual interviews are more convenient than traditional face-to-face interviews and allow for efficient initial screening interviews to take place. Whilst this can be positive if you thrive in this type of environment, it can also pose a new challenge of being able to communicate effectively from behind a screen. 

Hiring managers can use variations of video conferencing software, but the most common is Zoom. Zoom interviews are virtual interviews via the Zoom video conferencing platform.


If you have recently been invited to a virtual interview, or you would like to get some practise, our virtual interview coaching session is an excellent way to learn how to use the software, build your confidence and perfect your interview engagement techniques.

Build Confidence- learn how to engage the hiring manager and create a positive impression

Familiarise- our consultants provide support to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the expectations, process and interview software

Common Questions- unsure how to answer interview questions? Practise answering common recruitment questions and deliver a professional response 

Environment- feeling comfortable is essential to setting up a successful interview. Our consultants will advise you how to create a suitable environment for success

Tips for Succeeding- preparation is the key to success. Our consultants will walk you through a preparation checklist to ensure you can tackle any technical issues

Be Prepared- we share our techniques to prepare you for your interview(s) and best follow-up practices to receive the feedback that you deserve

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Julia | Head of Customer Service & Complaints | 5+ Years Experience

Expectations of interviews had changed and I was unfamiliar with Zoom interviews. Fortunately, I was able to get the much needed practice before the real interview and build my confidence