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Julia's Interview Success Story

Professional: Julia Redington

Industry: Property Industry (Residential)

Experience: 5+ Years Head of Customer Service and Complaints

"Expectations of interviews had changed and I was unfamiliar with Zoom interviews"

The Challenge

Julia was a successful professional, overseeing the Customer Service and Complaints team for a reputable property company for over 5 years. Unfortunately, she was made redundant due to Covid-19, which forced her to start looking for new career opportunities. However, she felt out of practice with her approach to interviews, and the prospect of a Zoom interview made her feel uncomfortable. She needed help building her confidence with virtual interviews to help her nail her upcoming Zoom interview.

Julia's profession meant that she often conducted face-to-face interviews with new members of staff. However, Covid-19 had changed the approach that companies were taking during the recruitment process: now relying on virtual interviews rather than traditional face-to-face interviews. Julia was fortunate to have received a Zoom interview with the hiring manager, but she felt uncomfortable at the prospect of this new type of interviewing. Julia requested some guidance and coaching to prepare her for the upcoming interview.

The Solution

Julia purchased the interview coaching package. She received a virtual interview schedule link from one of our coaching specialists who worked with her to:

  • Build confidence, enabling her to understand how to use Zoom software for her interviews

  • Create a positive and professional environment from her home, enabling her to feel comfortable within her surroundings whilst creating a positive impression

  • Provide coaching techniques to maximise the impact she is able to make in a virtual environment

How Empower Personnel: Career Academy Helped

Having completed the virtual coaching session, Julia said that she felt much more confident with the upcoming virtual interview. Julia provided an update and was pleased to inform us that she received a job offer, which she has now accepted.

If, like Julia, you need some support with interview coaching, visit the Empower Personnel Career Marketplace for professional support services to optimise your career opportunities today. Alternatively, our team are available via website live chat or you can contact us here.