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New Year's Resolution: Setting Career Goals

New Years Celebrations

Congratulations on making it to the end of 2019; a year of turbulence, celebration, highs and lows. As 2019 closes, we look forward to 2020 in anticipation of making it the very best year possible. For us, and many professionals, we like to use the holiday period to review our achievements during the year, and more importantly, reflect on how we can make improvements of our professional-selves for the future.

Here at Empower Personnel Career Academy, we find that setting professional goals for the upcoming year can help you to move forward in your career, but also approach the new year with an active and optimistic attitude. We have come up with a list of measurable goals which you should consider to make 2020 an even better year for your professional-self.

Learn a new skill

Self development is one of the most important aspects of moving forward within your career. As humans, we are constantly learning and should be seeking to continuously improve our knowledge and skill set. No matter how long you have been in your current industry, there is always something new to explore and learn. Your new skill could improve your current job position, and your company may support you to further enhance the newly found skill.

Update your CV

Many professionals leave their CV unchanged until they are job searching, which can cause unnecessary stress when applying for jobs within competitive industries. When was the last time you checked through your CV, or asked a colleague to look through your CV? Is your CV up to date? Is your CV optimised for the latest technology within recruitment? Is your CV design appropriate? Is the grammar professional and appropriate for your industry? Our consultants are always on hand to provide you with the advice for your CV. We offer a range of CV writing services to optimise your CV for your industry which you can purchase through our Career Marketplace.

Make one professional networking connection per month

It is likely that on a weekly basis, whether it be at a business networking event or when you are standing at the train station, that you come across like-minded business professionals whose business card you wished you had asked for. Perhaps they could offer you your next exciting career opportunity. It is important to meet business connections from your field to stay up to date with the latest information and trends within your industry. Try to engage with at least one professional connection per month, whether it be in person or via LinkedIn. If you are in need of a LinkedIn profile, you can purchase a package by clicking here.

Clear your workspace

There is nothing worse than a cluttered workspace- and even worse- one with paperwork from last year's project. Take an hour to clear out your workspace and to make it as clean as possible for a fresh start to the new year. Organisation is the key to a successful new year. Remember to work your way through those cluttered filing cabinets, computer files and email inbox too!

Consider your work-life balance

The final, and very important goal is to consider how you will manage your work-life balance this year. Consider whether you were successful in managing this in 2019, or whether there were times where you felt under pressure and didn't know what to do. Ask your family and friends whether they think that your work-life balance is sustainable. They may be able to provide useful tips to assist you with finding the right balance. By maintaining a positive worklife balance, you will enjoy your position within the workplace for much longer and will most likely be more proactive in the long term.

Now that you have reflected on your 2019- it's time to make it a prosperous 2020!