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Paul's CV Success Story

Professional: Paul Clarke

Industry: Automotive Industry

Experience: 7+ Years Sales Executive

"I was looking for a new challenge in my career but I wasn't getting the opportunity to speak with any hiring managers"

The Challenge

Paul had excellent experience across two successful automotive companies, but his career successes were not highlighted in his CV adequately. He needed help highlighting his sales achievements but also his leadership qualities in order to progress further in his career.

Paul had developed a well-rounded skill set suitable for automotive sales positions, but he was seeking to up his game and utilise his sales expertise in a senior role- as a Sales Manager. With this new ambitious mindset, he needed to better highlight his successes within the sales roles whilst demonstrating his leadership skill set, explaining how this could add value to a new employer. Paul's CV was too long, and his career successes were not clear to the hiring manager.

The Solution

Paul purchased the Professional CV and Cover Letter package. He was assigned to a sales specialist CV writer who worked with him to:

  • Highlight career successes which were relevant for the positions he was targeting- using statistics and metrics to verify his performance as a top sales executive

  • Develop a clear list of transferable leadership qualities which he has demonstrated throughout his 7 years in sales executive roles

  • Create a captivating opening career statement which demonstrates his experience and career aspirations

How Empower Personnel: Career Academy Helped

Paul was pleased with the outcome of the CV, highlighting the efficiency of the service. He provided us with an update shortly thereafter. Within 4 weeks he was able to secure a new role as a Sales Manager for a well-known motoring group. He thanked the team for being able to assist him in securing a new, exciting opportunity.

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